Monday, February 6, 2012

Roundup - January 2012

This is an idea inspired by Katie the Scrapbook Lady as a way to collect your memories each month before they slip away.
1. What milestones did the kids have this month? What were they like? What were they into?
#2 had a big one! She rode her bike with no training wheels! She is still pretty hesitant and needs help starting (she prefers dad's help) but she is well on her way to being a pro.


#1 had straight As on his report card, and he is working on learning cursive. It's not easy for him, but we got some tips from his teacher for different ways to practice. His class also did a special presentation in Chapel, and he had a main role.

IMG_0193 #3 continually makes us laugh. One day he decided he wanted to be called Zack.  He thought it sounded cooler than his own name. It didn't last very long. But now when he does something kinda dumb, we say, "come on zack!" and he growls!
He also asked Jesus in his heart this month. We were in a DNOW session, and at the end all of the kids were kneeling and praying. At the end of the invitation, #3 leaned over to Grammy and said, "I asked Jesus into my heart." She was happy for him, and said that he should tell someone about it. So he darted across the church to where my Main Squeeze was standing, and he said, "I asked Jesus in my heart." Well, MMS thought he said, "I want to ask Jesus into my heart." So he proceeded to go through the whole Gospel plan with #3, then he asked him, "Do you want to pray and ask Jesus into your heart?" #3 said, "Dad, I already DID that!" Now, as a mom, I'm a little freaked out. Nobody was there with him, nobody heard his prayer; nobody made sure he did it right. But it doesn't matter. I don't have to hear his prayers anyway. He's not praying to me. We are going to be observant, and see how God is working in his life and help him and answer his questions along the way.
(Image by Kelly Ann Jones - Augustine Grace Photography)

2. What events happened this month?
The big thing was DNOW! It was a new thing for our church and it was a big win. The students loved it and learns so much. Our speaker was Matt Lawson. Man, what a inspiring storyteller he was! He was a big encouragement to my Main Squeeze.
It was also so encouraging to see kids from our old church who helped us with this event. Most of these kids we have discipled and worked with for many years, and to see them teach, lead, and disciple others was very, very heart warming and inspiring :o)


3. What did we do in our down time, just for fun?
It's been a busy month...not too much time for fun pursuits. Since its been so nice outside (70s and 80s) we've been doing a lot of bike riding and scootering.

We've also done some house hunting. Looking for a bigger place that will suit our needs better while not breaking the bank....yeah....not much luck yet. Praying for God to work this one out for us

4. What were we watching, listening to and reading?
Some movie watching and tv catch up too. We love American Idol, and my DVR is recording all the episodes for me. Whenever I need a rest, #2 and I cuddle up on the bed and watch an episode.
We rented Kung Fu Panda 2 and Breaking the Press to watch as a family. My Main Squeeze and I watched Moneyball - which for a movie about sports, was very entertaining.

My Main Squeeze is reading a couple books: The Resolution (from the movie Courageous) and The Uncommon Life Daily Challenge by Tony Dungy. He always has several books he reads from as he studies, and I don't always know what they are.

I started the James Bible study by Beth Moore called Mercy Triumphs. I'm also reading Generation iY.
I introduced #1 to the world of choose your own ending books! He really liked them.

5. What were my disappointments?
I'm having trouble with my port. It's just sore and tender all the time. My chemo appointment actually got backed up because they wanted to treat me for a port infection. I had to have 2 days of IV antibiotics and a 7 day course of oral antibiotics. It didn't really do anything, and now it's just as red and sore as it was before. The nurses said that sometimes it's just like that. I only have to keep it in another 5 weeks, and then it can come out. Chemo is doing its thing, but the side effects are cumulative and rough. I'm having a red blood cell issue (they're too low), so I'm having to have 3 weekly treatments to help build those back up. Because of feeling yukky and being at the doctor so much, I feel like I'm all off kilter with everyday life.

6. What were my accomplishments?
My car went over 100,000 miles. I wrote on my facebook.... "So thankful that God has provided us with a car that has taken us this far comfortably...on vacations, around town with 3 car seats and now with none, to church, to school, packed with youth group students on missions projects and sometimes just for fun. Thanks God for your provision."

I got to speak to a group of High Schoolers at our church's academy. The topic was how to be spiritually ready when life throws you a curveball. I was worried before the class I wouldn't be able to relate to most of the students, but they really seemed to be engaged.

I successfully took 3 kids with me to the oncologist for blood work. On the way home from getting the kids from school, the Doctor's office called because I had forgotten I had an appointment for bloodwork. She said they could still squeezing me in that I went with all 3 kids in tow. They were the hit of the afternoon! They scooted their 3 chairs in the hallway all right in front of the door where I was getting stuck. They wanted to see it all. If anything, this little journey with cancer may make all 3 of my kids want to be doctors.

I got a shout-out on the bullhorn in the school carline because I wore this wig to pick up my kids :o)

I completed my first online scrabooking class. It was called Round up Your Memories at Big Picture Classes. It was a great class! But I only made one scrapbook page this month.

5 chemo must haves

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