Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December 1

I'm on my way with my December Daily Album! I've gotten nearly all of my foundation pages made, and I've made my first page for December first! It really was so quick to have the foundation page made first. I decided along the way that I would take the numbers off the foundation pages and add them as I go so I can choose the page that best fits the photos I have and the story I want to tell. So initially this page was labelled December 4th, but I used it first. The Journaling reads: Our Family Tradition is to strap the Christmas tree to the top of the Jeep. It started the year I was pregnant with Andy - the first year we had the Jeep. At first we had it sticking out the back, but now, with every seat in the Wrangler filled, we strap it to the top. This year we bought the tree from the youth group fundraiser, and we set it up the Sunday after Thanksgiving. since there was no PM service. We got to do our tradition twice because we took Grammy Lu’s tree to her house too. We’ve been slowly decorating the house this year, which is unusual for us. Tree, lights, and blow-up nativity on Sunday; Ornaments on Monday; Christmas Village and wreath on Tuesday. Still more decorating to go but I kinda like being able to take my time. The kids enjoyed putting the ornaments on the tree, seeing pictures of themselves on them, and Andy’s starting to read some of the words. We sat tonight and pointed out some of our favorites. It was fun to hear the kids’ reasons for liking
what they liked. The Coca-Colo choo-choo is the favorite because it makes NOISE!

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