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February 2012 Roundup

1. What milestones did the kids have this month? What were they like? What were they into?
Nothing super duper exciting to record. They were full of funny things that they would talk about.
#1 was able to join a baseball team at the last minute. He's playing for the Cubs. Plays a lot of 3rd base, and he's a pretty solid hitter. One of his friends from school is on his team too. I think this is going to be a pretty good experience for him because he's the oldest kid on the team, and on of the only ones to have some prior baseball experience. He's definitely the biggest kid on the team too. I think he needs an experience where he's "top dog" because in so much of his life right now he's the "new kid" or the "smallest kid" (like he was in football this fall) or he's getting picked on because he's still trying to figure out where he fits in the grand scheme of life here.

They have all been into playing with the super heroes and the cars, and amazingly, they've liked playing together.

#2 is so excited b/c she got a new iPod for free! A few years ago, I gave her my old iPod nano. I had gotten a new iPod, and it was old - it hardly had any battery life, but it worked, and she could listen to music, and she thought it was cool. Then I got an email from Apple saying they were recalling 1st generation iPod nanos because of battery issues. So I filled out the online form, and Apple sent me a box to send my old iPod back and then they sent me a new one! #2 was so excited! She and I loaded it with music. Her first choice? TobyMac's Funky Jesus Music...what can I say? The girl knows what she likes!


2. What events happened this month?
In the beginning of the month, My Main Squeeze and I went to the Dare2Share conference with a van load of kids from the church. I was really excited because D2S is based out of Colorado, and doesn't come our way much. They didn't disappoint. Our students really got excited about sharing their faith, and they got several chances to practice. One of my favorites was when they said to start a text conversation with someone and ask them a question like "Do you think there's a heaven? What does it take to get there?" A lot of our kids realized they don't have very many friends that they are intentionally trying to reach out to in order to share Jesus with them. But a few of them had some really interesting starts of conversations.

We also got to hang out at an art fair. We walked around starting conversations with people. This chalk artist made this Rubix cube to look weird when you saw it in real life, but when you looked at it through your camera, it appears 3D! Really cool!

I know it has nothing to do with Jesus, but it was still cool. The best thing that came out of this conference is now there's a group of kids who really want to speak up for what's right and for God in their schools.

 On Feb 12, I saw a bunch of pictures showing up on my Facebook feed of people who had run a breast cancer half marathon in my honor. It was a cold and windy weekend! One of my dear friends called me later that week and told me her story from that day. It was one of the sweetest and most encouraging things of the month.

#1 participated in the Grandparent's Day program at his school. It was titled Arkeology, and was all about the animals in Noah's Ark learning to trust God. Cute, right?

My mom and dad came to visit to see #1 play baseball. We had a great day that Saturday - baseball game, then picnic lunch at the beach (subs courtesy of JimmyJohns), then we got to show them the house we put an offer on (more info on that below), and then we got to go to church and hear Chip Ingram speak. Busy, fun, packed day!

3. What did we do in our down time, just for fun?
Our family hosted a Super Bowl party. I usually don't care about the outcome of the game (this year was no exception), but I do enjoy having a house full of people and talking to new friends. Our house was so loud during the game but silent during the commercials.

Valentine's Day was fun. #1 and I made his Valentine box for school, and he won an award for the best box. We painted a Minute Maid Juice box box red (Minute Maid, not Capri Sun...The Minute Maid boxes are perforated to open like this - no additional cutting!); Cut the bottom of an egg carton and added googly eyes for the eyes; cut teeth out of a piece of white copy paper and taped it in the opening of the Minute Maid box; twist up some pipe cleaners for antennae. The kids put the valentines into the mouth of the love monster. Cute, right? Pin it to know you wanna!

We also made valentines for the class this year. I put candy inside a red balloon, blew it up, tied a string to it, and attached a card that said, "I hope your Valentines day is a BLAST!" Get it?  You have to pop the balloon -  make it blast? The kids thought it was funny....

MMS and I saw the sun set on the beach and went to PF Changs for dinner  :o)

4. What were we watching, listening to and reading?
I'm almost done with Generation iY...80 pages to go. I was hoping to finish it by the end of the month. Maybe if this month had 30 or 31 days like normal months....

I'm a big blog reader, and this post by Pete Wilson about "Christian Community" was short and noteworthy

This blog by Greg Stier "5 reasons Jesus would be fired if he was a youth leader" was funny and true and it resonated with us.

The kids have had a reading challenge at school, so they've been reading more around the house. #1 also reads #3 a story from his little devotional book every night before bed :o)

As far as TV watching goes, we don't watch a lot of stuff live consistently...but my DVR has been recording American Idol, House, Pawn Stars, and American Pickers. The kids watched Aladdin for the first time. They also watched Wall-E (one of their faves). I've recently discovered the pleasures of "On-Demand" (hello, where have you been all my life?) and I've watched episodes of Pan-Am, the Office (don't tell my mom), Parks and Rec, and the Pioneer Woman (I think she's funnier on her blog)

MMS has been reading a lot of resources about purity, love, sex and dating because in HSM we've been talking about making wise choices about dating and relationships. I've heard him talk on this topic quite a few times in the almost 13 years we've been doing student ministry, and I really think this is the best he's ever done in sharing the truths of God's word with students. I'm not just saying that because I think he's awesome either....

5. What were my disappointments?
This is a sorta - disappointment....We put an offer on a great house, and it's a short sale, and it's not moving as fast as I'd like. Now, granted, we're only like weeks into the process and not months like many people who are doing the short sale thing, but it just makes me mad at our economy that this is such an issue and such a problem....I'll get over it...

Our whole family has gotten sick for the first time since I've started chemo. Just a sneezy, runny nose, virus thingy, but it's hit all of us. It's been pretty mild for the kids. Harder for me and MMS. Hoping to get over it soon so chemo doesn't get postponed. That would stink!

6. What were my accomplishments?
I got to sing in "big church." I love getting the chance to do it. I sang He's Always Been Faithful by Sara Groves. I was so happy with how I sang. I've worked really hard to smooth the sound between my chest and my head voice, and I have to do that in this song a lot. I really love the message in this song. The 2nd verse says "I can't remember a trial or a pain He did not recycle to bring me gain. I can't remember one single regret in serving God only, in trusting His hand." Someone told me a long time ago, when God gives you a song, you've gotta sing it. That's what this song is about. Here's the link to the recording of the service. The message was great, and if you have a chance listen to it, but if you're strapped for time, I'm at the 1 hour and 7 minute mark.

I got a great deal on some photo prints, and I got a photo book for free (thank you groupon)

I got a gorgeous print of our kids from the photo shoot we did in December!

I finally got the beach pass for my car

I ate at new restaurants...Yogurt Mountain and Pei-Wei...loved them! Oh yeah, and Jimmy Johns - I had a sub from that place 18 months ago the day my niece was born, but we found one here, so we tried it, and liked it!

I finished chemo #5...only one more chemo to go!

I got a job as a substitute teacher at my kids' school. I'm starting after I finish my next chemo.

My hair is starting to grow's light...maybe even blonde. It's hard to see in this picture...I guess you'll just have to trust me.

I was able to complete a couple layouts too :o) Including my collage from last months layout.


What were the high points of your February?

My roundup was inspired by Katie the Scrapbook Lady as a way to record the details of each month while they are fresh. Click the badge to check it out for yourself.

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  1. great roundup Sarah! Your bald head is cute :) That Rubik's cube is really wild!


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