Wednesday, September 2, 2009

finished choir tour album!!!!


Yes! I finally finished the choir tour album! It's 39 pages long, and I had it printed @ I've always had really good experiences with artscow. They have the best prices, and are always offering specials on products and shipping. It does take a while to receive your finished products, so on the "instant gratification" scale, they score pretty low. But when it comes to making my wallet happy, they score high. I ordered 2 8x8 albums, and got them both for less than $25. I used a coupon code ($11.99 shipped), but anyone that signs up for their emails get these codes too! Getting one book without any discounts costs $32.

Enough about artscow...

In this album, I wanted to try to use 1 kit for every page, and I did. For those of you who have visited before, you know I"ve been using Teri Mayo's kit Somethin's Fishy, and I used it on every page. At the end, I did end up using some word art from Digi-Designs by Nicole and ScrapGirls, and I used one "shadow box" thingy by Amy Teets (I think....I may have gotten that name wrong...sorry!). At the outset, I wondered if the album would look "boring" or "matchy-matchy," and I was hoping I wouldn't get bored with it, and I'm pleased to say....I didn't! I'm really pleased with how everything looks, and the cohesiveness of the album. I even made some templates, and was able to use them alot. I rotated them so they'd look different, and I liked how that turned out too. If you can't see the preview below, it means that you don't have a plug in called silverlight. It's what artscow uses for their previews, and you can download it free. You could also try to see it at the artscow gallery....

alt="Get Microsoft Silverlight" style="border-style: none"/>

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