Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to Jennifer

Today, I have to say Happy Birthday to my dear friend Jennifer. She is a delightfully amazing individual, and a very charming, unassuming manner. She is amazingly talented, but if you tell her that, she'll just roll her eyes then sheepishly say thank you.

She has beautiful, spunky, fun kids. She's holding the baby in the picture above. Here's the oldest....

And this is her lovely middle child...Look at the eyes on that cutie!!!

Jen's kids are so fun and spunky because they are a direct reflection of her personality, (and her husband's too...I guess I have to give him a little credit....)

She is an amazing photographer. She took this picture of my family 2 years ago....

She also took this one.....

We call it our ninja family photo....

But back to Jen. These are the thing I love about her. She can turn nothing into something spectacular!! She loves hosting parties. At a shower she hosted recently, she covered board game boxes with craft paper, stacked them in a pyramid, and glued little decorations on Popsicle sticks and stuck them in through the box lids and used it as a cupcake stand. It looked spectacular!!!! If I would have done that, well, it would have looked like game boxes covered in craft paper and hot glue hot mess!!!

Her house looks like it came out of a decorators magazine. She has an eye for color and putting unusual things together to make a big statement. And she does it on a shoestring budget. I have a huge case of envy. I told her I want her to re-decorate my house, and the funny thing is, she said OK!

She's always willing to help, and somehow she finds time in the middle of raising 3 kids to help friends, throw parties, and celebrate life! **I'M SO JEALOUS**

I find myself being envious of the life and characteristics of other people a lot. Especially, the creative things that people do. But when I gush about how amazing I think Jennifer is, she just says something like, "It's no big deal."

Isn't that always the way though? We think the things that make us special are insignificant, and the things that make other people shine are especially sparkly in comparison. I think God has made us all uniquely talented for where we are, who God has put in our lives, and to bring Him glory. God has given Jennifer the ability to make things around her beautiful to teach her children that God loves and appreciates things of beauty. Her kids are going to see her make beautiful things and see the work she puts into them, and they will realize that God is the master Creator of this beautiful universe. There's no way something that beautiful could have just happened to be there. God designed it. Her children are going to see the special and unique things about people just the way their mama saw in our family that we love Jesus (the picture of the cross) and that we are just a little crazy (the ninja family photo). And they are going to celebrate life!


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