Monday, August 2, 2010

A new start...

At a baby shower recently, a friend of mine suggested I start a blog and share my "unique point of view" with the rest of the world. I laughed when she suggested it - for a few reasons...First, I wondered if I really had a unique point of view. She seemed to think so, but I was dubious. Second, what my friend didn't know is that I already had a blog! I started it when I was working on the creative team for a digital scrapbook designer. At first it was a lot of fun - I was sharing about my favorite hobby - but then it really started feeling like work - like I was writing ad content about something I didn't really care that much about. I guess I can't say I didn't care about it. I truly enjoyed scrapbooking and getting to know other people who had the same interest in a hobby as I did. But the big difference was that it held a very high priority in their lives...higher than it should in mine. So I let my blogging days go...It consumed so much of my time and energy, and it didn't really fill the purpose God gave me in my life.

So time goes by....I started hanging out in Facebook land, and realized that connecting with people via the internet can be very addictive...(can I get an Amen from my FB friends?!) Although there are things about Facebook (and the internet in general) that are negative, I found one BIG positive - I could communicate hope and encouragement. About the same time I took a Spiritual gifts test and confirmed that my spiritual gift is teaching. To me that explains why I like to over-think stuff and explain everything to people. Ask my husband; it drives him crazy! God has also given me the passion to do creative things - take pictures, sing, be crafty, do nifty things with a computer - and I have a drive to share them.

So here I am with my blog. I can't guarantee that anything I write will be the most amazing or original thing you've ever seen on the internet. But I will guarantee, you'll hear my thoughts on life and what I've been reading in the Bible. You'll see some cute pictures and scrapbook layouts. You may see some crafty ideas you can try in your house. And you'll hear stories of my crazy family and what our life is like in ministry. Hope you're along for the ride....

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  1. I am soooooo excited to see what is to come from this blog. You are such a godly and crafty lady with a wealth of information to share. That is quite a splendid combination!!!


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