Friday, October 22, 2010

One of my favorites is back

When I first got started with digital scrapbooking, I looked around for people who designed nice things that I would use, and I wanted to get them for free. I found Digitreat's website. Pam is a stay/work-at-home mom with 3 kids who likes to scrapbook. I felt an immediate kinship :o). She would blog almost every day with a new part to a kit she was working on. She would offer them free for a few days, and then she'd sell them in the store on her blog. They were always very cute and practical.

Well, nearly a year ago, she quit. The demands of her family life with 3 kids at home were alot on her. (again - kinship.) Then suddenly, after school started, I got an email feed from her blog just saying "I'm back!" Once the youngest kids went to school this fall, she started designing and giving again. I have loved every part of the kits I've gotten as freebies from her, and I have purchased some from her store.

She's working on 3 kit themes - tough, sassy and silly - and every few days, she'll post another installment in the series. The picture above is the first in the "sassy series." And I love it! I hope you'll check her site out. And now that she's back, I'll have to add a new banner to the people I love on the right.

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