Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Solemn Oath

I, Sarah, do solemnly swear not to partake in the excessive sugar that the upcoming holidays are known for. I know the season of temptation begins TOMORROW! Halloween - a holy eve before a season full of indulgent temptations. Because I know I am an "all or nothing" kinda girl, I promise not to eat, sample, taste test, do quality control checks, or in any other way take candy from my children's trick or treat buckets. If I choose to break this oath, I know the consequences. It will send me immediately into a downward spiral of sugar overload that will not be stopped until after Easter 2011, and it will cause my derriere to look like this.....

or possibly even this....

(BTW - I acknowledge that each of these people are perfect and wonderful just the way they are - i just don't need to become like them :o)

To help me do this, I will dutifully keep foods and drinks of a healthy sort with me, so that when my mouth salivates for a Reeces cup or a little box of milk duds, I will...ahem...sip...I mean, choke down...water from my re-usable bottle....sigh....and dream of the high and limitless metabolism that I've always dreamed of.

I solemnly swear these things in front of my blog readers and all my friends, so help me (please help me...I'm gonna need it) God.

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