Monday, November 1, 2010

Can it be easy and aaahhhhmazing?

I'm convinced the words "easy" and "ahhhhmazing" do not ever happen for me at the same time.....ever.

Case in point. I saw this Halloween goody bag idea....

Cute, right? Monster Eyeball stickers on top of Reeces cups! I'm in love!
I found the picture on my friend Wendy's blog, and she found it on the itiswhatitis blog.

It was supposed to be so easy.....
Buy the pack of stickers for a dollar at Michaels.
Buy Reece's on the BOGO sale at Publix
Use the goody bags I already had.
Download and print the tag free from the Beth Proudfoot blog
slap the stickers on the candy, stuff them in the bag, and DONE.....easy and aaaaahhhhhmazing!

Well....I missed the BOGO sale. But I still had coupons, so I bought the candy.
I couldn't find the stickers ANYWHERE! I went to 3 different Michaels, Hobby Lobby and 2 different Targets. I pulled up a picture of the stickerbook on my phone (like a giant nerd) and all they could say is "" Thanks.

Then I thought about googley eyes. I could cut out 2 different size circles out of cardstock with my handy dandy punches, glue them all on top of each other, and put them on top of the candy. Easy and ahhhhhmazing! Except for the fact I couldn't get the eyes to stick to the cardstock or the cardstock stick to the candy without pouring on a TON of glue....not good for candy. And besides, they just looked flat....

I went to one last Michael's store in search of the elusive and ahhhmazing eyeball stickers, and I found adhesive glittery foam sheets in halloween colors. PERFECT! I could still punch them out with the punches, and it would have the dimension that the cardstock lacked....aaaaahhhhmazing! Except for the fact that the foam was too thick to fit into my punches. My circle cutters (creative memories circa 2002) were not sharp enough to cut the foam. So you know what I did? I drew 200 circles in 4 different sizes and cut them out by hand. Not easy, and sort of amazing....just don't look too close. It took me 6 and a half hours. NOT the way I had intended to spend my Thursday night.

Here's how they turned out. They are kinda cute. But I'm convinced that all these craft bloggers are lying to us. It can't be as easy as they make it sound.

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  1. Very funny story, something I can totally relate to. :)


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