Monday, November 22, 2010

super easy Thanksgiving project

Ok, remember the post about easy and aaahhhhmazing a few weeks ago? I said that there was no such thing as a craft that's easy and aaaahhhhmazing. Well, I was wrong. This one is totally easy and totally amazing. I saw this on Becky Higgins blog in 2 different posts (read them HERE and HERE), and I thought, "This could be COOOL!" It's a gratitude poster. Here's Becky's....

Hers is HUGE. She has let her family work on filling it up over the space of a few weeks.

Here's mine....

It's much smaller because we're only going to be filling it up on Thanksgiving day.

I did this project this afternoon while my lunch was in the oven heating up...really. Here's the list of what you'll need. You probably won't even have to buy anything, because there's a good chance you'll have it all in your craft stash already!!!

First a frame. Becky's was 20X30. Mine's 8x10, and it was the only thing I had to buy. I splurged on the $3.99 frame at Target. Call me "moneybags."

Next, you'll need a piece of poster board or cardstock cut to size.

Then, you'll need letter stickers. Becky used some large chipboard letters. I used some called "Thickers." They are about an eighth of an inch thick and are made of vinyl.

Once you've cut your cardstock to size. you need to place your word in the middle. Here's my tip to get your letters to line up. I put the bottom half of the stickers on the edge of a piece of plastic. I'm using an old stencil, but you could use anything. In the past I've used the shiny plastic piece that came in some product packaging. The idea is just to get your letters lined up using the straight edge.

I also have an old Creative Memories cutting mat that has a grid on it that I use to help me keep things straight because I can see the lines through the plastic. I would highly recommend getting a work mat like this.

After you have all your stickers lined up on the plastic, center the stickers on the cardstock. Hold down the top half of the stickers and slide the plastic off the bottom of the stickers, one at a time. They stay in place!!! Do it slow, and you can do minor adjustments along the way!

You can put a final touch on it by adding the date and occasion in your own gorgeous handwriting. I put it on the left side like this because I didn't quite center my letters right, and there was a bit more space on that side than the other. I didn't start over...I'm embracing imperfection!

When you put the frame together, Put the glass in under the cardstock to give everyone something solid to write on.

I'm going to have this standing up next to the food buffet on Thanksgiving day with an instruction card and some pens. I'll probably give it to my sister as a thank you gift for hosting the big meal at her house, even though she has a 2 month old baby! Love you Becky! Although she'll probably read this post and realize I only spent $3.99 on this gift....hmmmm.....

I'll post an "after" pic next week. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
2 Corinthians 9:15 "Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!"

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  1. What a great idea Sara! Thanks for sharing! :)T


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