Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving project follow up

So, the grateful frame was a BIG SUCCESS! (Here's a link to the original post about it.) Everyone who could write participated, and it's a great keepsake. Here's what it looked like finished...

I know it's really too small for you to see any of the things that are written, so I'm going to highlight some of them.

My sister hosted the event. The back of her house has an amazing porch that goes basically the length of the house, so we were able to enjoy the Southern sunshine and eat our lunch on the porch. My sister sounded like she was listening to space aliens because she was carrying around the baby monitor turned on HIGH!! because the baby (2 months old) was napping on and off during the festivities. Fortunately she slept pretty well through the upheaval of having company around, which is why my sister wrote what she did..."When Eiley sleeps through the night."

Number 1 is almost 7 and wants to do everything by himself. Here is his contribution.

It says, "I am thankful for cars." My main squeeze asked him, "What do you mean? Toy cars? Go Kart cars?" Number 1 replied, "No, just cars, like our car." That's a pretty good explanation.

Number 2 also wanted to get in the action....Here's hers...."Thankful for Mom & Dad."

She sat with her great aunt (my dad's oldest sister visiting from GA) and practiced writing it small and neat on a scrap piece of paper until she could do it nice and neat and small. Apparently, she also taught her how to write an ampersand, because I know I've never showed her how to do this! This aunt is a teacher - middle school science. I was amazed at her patience with #2. I guess if you teach science to middle schoolers with any amount of patience, you can be patient with anyone.

This was my contribution...

I got to spend time with both of my grandpa's which is a rare occurrence for me as neither of them live nearby. It was nice to spend time talking with them and listening to them. Not a lot of people my age get to do that. So I appreciated the opportunity. (BTW - the guy in the picture is not my grandpa. It's my dad.)

Here's what Grandpa Puckett had to contribute to the poster. "I thankful for my salvation in Christ & United States of America & Family."

That's so my Grandpa Puckett...Those are the 3 most important things to him. He Loves Jesus with all his heart. He loves the USA. He's a Korean War Vet and still regularly meets with the men he served with over breakfast. And he loves his family. I know he thinks of us and prays for us. He's not sleeping in this picture...he's blessing the food before we ate.

My mom's contribution also talks about prayer.

It says, "I'm thankful for a Dad and Mom who taught me to pray." She's having to pray a lot these days. Many of them revolve around her dad - my other grandpa. He's turned 90 years old this summer and his health - well, let's just say, it's not what it used to be. He's been in and out of the emergency room and the ICU. Now he's in a step-down room, and during this visit we were able to take our whole family to see him. He brightened up when he saw us and the 3 kids. They sang "Jesus loves me" to him, and all got to hug him. My mom, along with her brothers and sisters, are having to make decisions about Grandpa's health that are not always clear cut. At one point in the journey recently, they were faced with a choice about Grandpa's course of treatment that they felt uneasy about. My mom prayed that God would change the one level they were looking at. In the morning, that number was changed, and it made the decision about the course of treatment very clear. So if you think about it, say a quick prayer for peace and health for Grandpa Steele, and wisdom and peace for those who have to take care of him.


  1. Love the frame and the pics. Can you remind me about this next November? =)


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