Tuesday, July 12, 2011

June Roundup part 3 - Moving....

So we came home from choir tour and crashed.....sleep is good. Even the kids slept in some after such a long, fun, active, strenuous week. My Main Squeeze spent most of the day Saturday packing his office, and I organized and packed around our house. I was impressed with what we were able to accomplish in just one day!

Sunday - our last at TPAC - had peaceful sadness. The sadness I felt was not for us. I know we are doing what God wanted us to do, but I know many people - dear friends - were feeling a hole in their hearts. I had peace because I know My God. Just like it took us time for God to change our hearts and be ready and open for our change to FBCN, God was already working in the hearts and lives of the family that was stepping into our place at TPAC. That gives me confidence and peace.

Sunday night, the Youth Choir gave their homecoming performance, and it was WONDERFUL.

Monday we started packing in earnest. The plan was to pack it up Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday;load the truck Thursday, and unload Friday. On Monday, my Main Squeeze went to the moving company to get some supplies, and the owner asked if we could potentially load up a day early because their schedule got messed up. He told them that he'd know better at the end of the day, but he thought it was possible. When he came home and told me that, I almost freaked - y'know mild chest pains and nausea. But then a crew of 8 TPAC students came over to the house after VBS, and within 3 hours, the entire upstairs of our house was packed! My Main Squeeze started having visions of arriving at FBCN on Wednesday night as a surprise.

More friends came over that evening and Tuesday after VBS. Our house was a maze of boxes. We scheduled play dates for our kids after VBS, and when they came home around dinnertime their eyes would be huge like saucers! They'd ask where specific things were, and I'd show them the box it was in. The students who helped wrote love notes and messages on the boxes for us. If they knew they packed something important to the kids, they'd make sure they wrote it on the outside of the box.

Tuesday at 1pm, the moving company called and said, "We have a truck near your neighborhood. Can we start loading what you have packed?" My Main Squeeze said, "Sure. You can pack it all. We are so close to done." Have I mentioned that he's an optimist? Again - a mild freakout happpened. I posted on my Facebook "Oh SNAP! The movers are here!"

It was a bustle of activity...Throwing last minute stuff in boxes. Packing clothes for the next few days in suitcases. Taking screws out of walls. Touching up paint and patching holes. Cleaning. Saying goodbyes....and by 7:30 we were on the road. We stayed in a hotel halfway there, and in the morning drove to our new home. By 10am on Wednesday, we were there moving boxes in and setting up furniture. By 6:30 we were at our new church home, meeting people and starting ministry. We totally surprised everyone, including my Main Squeeze's boss who said, "I'm glad you're here. I'm going over to Bible study." And left the building! It was all good :o)

And that's how we ended June...settling, unpacking, setting up - the boys were excited b/c we set up a TV and the Wii in their bedroom, meeting people, exploring the town, and enjoying time together.

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  1. Awww! Andy and Jack have a Wii in their room! What??? Lol Im 13 and still dont have a tv or Wii in my room! I guess im not as cool as Andy and Jack! :p Hope all is going good down there!


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