Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy new years everyone! It's been fun the past few days looking at everyone's memories of the past year, their holiday recaps, reverb10 posts, "my year in Facebook status" collages. I also get a kick out of reading resolutions- from the serious and complex to the mundane and vague. There have been 2 years that I've kept my resolutions. One of them is a little too personal to put out in the blogosphere, but the other was that one year I wanted to read more, so I resolved to read 1 book a month for the entire year. They couldn't be "fluff" books either. I kept a book by the bed and another on the back of the potty, and I did it. If you come to my house today, you'll still see a book on the windowsill in my bathroom for that specific reason. I know...TMI.

So, do I have a resolution for this year? Yeah. I want to take delight in what I do. After thinking, and talking to my main squeeze, and doing all that writing for reverb10 (which was so fun!), I realized that I have a full, blessed life, but I constantly go around looking for the proverbial "easy button." Everything feels like a chore. Even the moments that are lighthearted are short lived. This is probably a dramatic overstatement, but more often than not, I feel frustrated. Frustration begets frustration. But changing mu attitude to one of delight will bring more delight.

There are some things I need to do along the way for delight to take over, and you'll hear about them along the way, but for now, DELIGHT is the one little word that embodies the resolutions I'll be making this year.

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