Friday, January 14, 2011

Finding Delight in Everyday Life - Friday Edition

IMAG0137, originally uploaded by sarahscrappin.

My word for the year is delight. Today, this photo brings me delight.

It's my Main Squeeze paying bills....

Last year this view would have caused my insides to cringe, because it meant that I had to be accountable for how I spent our money. Sometimes it was ok, and sometimes I surprised my Main Squeeze. He doesn't like surprises. We live our life frugally and sometimes life is tight, but God always provides for us. We have to work at communicating in this area, and we've had to grow.

Today, I chose to delight in this. This is my husband taking care of his family. He was watching Human Target on Hulu. He likes multi tasking. He's got earplugs in because I'm working at my computer next to him, and I can't listen to a show and concentrate at the same time. This is us being together and working side by side. Even when we had our "post bills this is the bottom line" discussion, it wasn't painful. It was more delightful....

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