Friday, December 3, 2010

the 2010 to do list re-visited

Did anyone remind you that there are only 4 weeks left in 2010? Oh snap.....

A few weeks ago, I made a list of 10 things that I wanted to accomplish in the 10 weeks we have left, and here's an update of how I'm coming on it.

1) Organize the boys closet. DONE! Well, it's as done as it's going to be. I went through the boys' clothes and got rid of the things that don't fit, and everything is neatly put back. It's still not "impressive" when you look in it, but it's not the disastrous mess it once was.

2) Organize our closet....ummmm, no. And it's worse than ever.

3) Have a yard sale - No, because my main squeeze vetoed the idea because our schedules are too busy. It will happen in the spring. AAAaaaaahhhhhhhhh (that's me breathing a sigh of relief).

4) Finish the kids 2008 scrapbooks - not quite, but making progress. I actually have made about 20 pages for the kids 2010 scrapbooks, so I'm feeling quite accomplished in the scrapbooking category.

5) Make a chore chart system for the kids that works. Almost done. I have all the pieces put into place. I've even prepped the kids about it. Hopefully will start Monday. Details forthcoming...

6) Record the kids singing and talking - No, and I'm not sure why. That's like the easiest one on my list. I even found chirbit so I can share these kinda things online....maybe this weekend.

7) Disney Fotobooks for the kids - DONE!!!! And so easy. I took screenshots as I went so I can do a tutorial here on the blog. If you have any photos on Facebook, you must try Fotobooks.

8) Lose 15 lbs - um....I think I'm only down a pound and a half. At least I'm not up a pound and a half....

9) Painting a quote on the front hall - still trying to decide on the design.

10) Meaningful Christmas gifts - Making progress. I'm happy with the gifts we've gotten thus far. Still have a couple to think up.

So 2 out of 10 are done; 5 more are in progress; 2 haven't even been started, and one is not going to happen. I'll feel better when the in progress projects are completed. The funny thing is that since I've made this list, I've actually gotten more projects completed that weren't even on the list. It actually makes me feel pretty accomplished. Thanks, my little blog, for enhancing my self-esteem. ;o)

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